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Air Embolism

Vascular air embolism is the entrainment of air (or exogenously delivered gas) from the operative field or other communications with the environment into the venous or arterial vasculature, producing systemic effects1.

Air embolism principally is caused by the entry of air into the vascular system. Many different causes are described and most are of iatrogenic nature such as:

  • open IV systems
  • not properly filled and vented infusion lines
  • parallel infusions
  • disregard of products’ instructions for use

ProSet Solutions:
You can choose between different safety components (e.g. inline filters or needle-free valves). Furthermore we also offer complex infusion systems where all devices are bonded.

IV-ProSet components

Discofix® C 3-way stopcock

Intrapur® and Sterifix® filters:

CVC-ProSet  components

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1 Mirski et al. 2007