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Benefits of ProSet proven:

Prepacked central line kits reduce time needed and mistakes during central line insertion

A study recently published by a research team at the University of Tübingen, Germany, indicates that prepacked central line kits may significantly reduce the number of procedural mistakes and complications during central line catheter insertion.

In this study thirty physicians were randomized into two equal groups (n = 15). At the time of the study none of the participants had performed more than fifteen central lines insertions. While one group placed the central line catheter using a prepacked ProSet which contained all necessary components, the control group used a standard kit which contained only the components for the catheterization of the catheter itself. The control group thus had to actively select the additional components that are required to place the central line from usual cart. For safety reasons the lines were inserted in dummies.

Four quality indicators, with statistically relevant results, have been compared:

  • procedure duration;
  • percentage of correctly performed steps;
  • the number of major and minor technical mistakes;

The prepacked kits increased the quality of the procedure and at the same time reduced the time required to perform the procedure. Thus not only healthcare novices will benefit from these kits since central line placement is a complex procedure causing a high cognitive load as it involves many parts and steps. The ProSet by B. Braun takes this complexitiy into account by providing a prepacked kit containing all necessary components for the clinical procedure.

  • The authors of the study conclude that the advantages of the prepacked kits outweigh possible additional costs and other potential drawbacks such as material surplus since frequently not all kit components are used.

Major technical mistakes

The prepacked kit group using ProSets made 35 % fewer major technical mistakes than the control group through using a prepacked ProSet during the whole procedure of central line insertion.

Minor technical mistakes

The ProSet group made significantly fewer minor technical mistakes (deviation from the correct central line catheter insertion procedure that might not have resulted in patient harm) than the control group.

Correctly performed steps

The prepacked kit group adhered significantly better to the process steps through using a ProSet  for Central Venous Catheters.

Procedure duration

Result: And last but not least it took the participants of the ProSet group on average five minutes less than the control group (26:26 +/-3:50 min vs. 1:27 +/-5:57 min) to perform the procedure.